Practice Areas

We are lawyers in China. Our services are described as below but our service content and categories are not limited to the following descriptions. As long as you have any cases, you can contact us.


International Trade Dispute Legal Service

1.    Filing a lawsuit against any issue in International Trade transactions on behalf of a client.

2.    Initiating a claim on behalf of a customer for product quality problems arising from International Trade transactions.

3.    Handling disputes on behalf of a client on Bills ofLading.

4.    Initiating a lawsuit against shipping companies,freight forwarders or suppliers for cargo transportation problems on behalf of a client during International Trade transactions.

5.    Drafting, reviewing, amending and translating legal documents such as contracts, agreements and memoranda of International Trade.

6.    Issuing a lawyer's letter on behalf of a client to the opposite party or negotiating with the opposite party on behalf of a client in the event of a dispute in a certain part of International Tradetransactions.

7.   Debt collection on behalf of a client.

8.   Other disputes concerning International Trade contracts.


Intellectual Property Dispute Legal Service

1.    Registering foreign customers’ brands on behalf of a client in China Customs Intellectual Property Protection System.

2.    Making IPR protection plan for a client.

3.    Investigation of IPR infringement for a client.

4.    Advice on technical contracts.

5.    Filing an Intellectual Property lawsuit on behalf of a client.

6.    Apply for a patent on behalf of a client.


Legal Advice on Investment in China 

1.   Legal advice on company establishment and project investment, covering government policies related to environmental protection, social insurance, etc.

2.   Business negotiation.

3.   Legality and compliance review on an investment.

4.   Risk control for an investment.

Other Foreign affairs

1. Marriage and family.

2. Property inheritance.

3. Legal counsel for foreign companies.

4. Other affairs.

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