About Us

    Founded in 2009, Zhejiang Zhengyun Law Firm, with a team of dedicated and qualified lawyers, is a professional law firm based in Hangzhou, China. The law firm provides a wide range of legal services to foreign clients, including legal services on International Trade dispute, International Intellectual Property dispute and foreign companies' investment in China.

History of the firm:

    Zhejiang Zhengyun Law Firm was established in 2009 by Zhejiang Provincial Department of Justice. The firm is adjacent to the beautiful Xixi Wetland, with elegant office environment and convenient transportation. The firm is headed by Zhu Qingliang, a senior lawyer who has been practicing for nearly 20 years. The law firm has more than ten full-time lawyers. Adhering to the spirit of “excellent firm”, the firm has gradually formed a professional team through the development of nearly ten years.

Advantages of the firm:

    First, the firm is good at handling difficult, major criminal cases, civil and commercial cases.

    Second, the firm has established cooperative relationships with well-known scholars in some colleges and universities through various channels. We practice through new legal theories and actively optimize existing resources to better provide legal services to customers.

    Third, we have a consultation system for difficult cases. Since the establishment of the firm, it has handled a number of difficult and major cases, and invited well-known jurists to participate in specific cases.
    Fourth, the firm's lawyers are serious and responsible, with a solid theoretical foundation and rich practical experience. They can handle all kinds of litigation and non-litigation cases well and can meet the legal needs of various clients.

Business scope of the firm:

    Provide clients with legal services for international trade disputes, including negotiation, litigation and arbitration.

    Provide clients with legal services on setting up a corporate and investment projects in China.

    Provide clients with civil and economic case litigation agency services and arbitration case agency services.

    Provide legal advisory services to companies.
    Provide personnel, labor and legal relations services for enterprises.
    Venture capital and financing consulting services.
    Full legal services such as construction and real estate development.
    Provide legal assistance, counseling and defense services for various criminal cases.

    Provide other legal services at the request of the client.